What Is Tencel? And Is It Worth It?

Tencel is a material that is manufactured most predominantly from the cellulose of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. These trees are of great environmental value as they use water efficiently and their sustainable growth is super conducive, making the tree grow faster without the need for irrigation or any genetic manipulation. Tencel isn’t just a material, it’s a lifestyle of natural comfort.

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What Is Tencel All About? A Lifestyle Choice.

Tencel is a brand name for a set of fibres called lyocell and modal, the material is also known as Tencel™, Tencel Lyocell or Micro Tencel. It is manufactured from wood pulp and most predominantly the cellulose of sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. They are of great environmental value as they use water efficiently and its sustainable growth is super conducive, making the tree grow faster without the need for irrigation or any genetic manipulation. 

Benefits of Tencel: Why Go For Tencel?

Benefits of Tencel: Why Go For Tencel?

Tencel has a myriad of benefits from its incredible level of comfort to the personal experience it provides. Tencel is full of sustainability and surprises! 

The tactile nature of bedding has made us think of it as a very warming experience that’s very personal and different for everyone, so Heavenluxe tries to provide you with nothing but the best experience with sheets made with Tencel material and its superior softness. Tencel sheets are highly breathable because Tencel material is woven from tiny fibres, it makes Tencel conducive to evaporation. Although Tencel is super smooth, it’s sometimes also textured but either way, it’s very comfortable and strong. Who doesn’t like good absorbent material? Everyone does! (especially when it comes to a comfy sleep-in) Tencel material wicks away sweat from your body at night, further allowing you to be dry and comfortable all night long. Guess what? You won’t even wake up sweaty. 

As we said, Tencel is full of surprises for you and your prolonged comfort.
Tencel is anti-allergic and anti-bacterial so it wouldn’t cause any rashes, damage, or allergic reactions to your gentle skin keeps the odour at bay. Does it not make Tencel the best choice for you and your sleep with good airflow and absorbency?


Tencel material is all about: 

1. Breathability

Tencel is naturally breathable which enables the air to flow in and out of the material and prevent any heat retention.

2. Durability & Absorbency

Tencel is more durable in comparison to other available materials. It is resistant to shrinking and is super absorbent so won’t lose its shape and softness even post wash.

3. Sustainability and Natural Material

Eucalyptus wood pulp is the most predominant ingredient used in manufacturing the sheets, making them natural and super eco-loving.

Best Friends: Tencel and Sustainability

Tencel and Sustainability

It is prepared by dissolving wood pulp and involves another drying process like spinning. So, not only does the process make Tencel super absorbent, breathable, comforting, and soft in comparison with other materials, it also makes Tencel very sustainable and eco-loving.

Such a solvent-spinning process recycles the processed water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of fairly more than 99%, making it way more waste neutral and therefore much more sustainable than other materials.

Fabric made of Tencel has incredible wrinkle resistance, holds dye properly, and manages moisture well which helps in temperature control and regulation. Such features make it perfectly mushy for bedding sheets and Heavenluxe is all about providing luxury and comfort.

Cotton Vs Tencel: Who’s Winning?

Factors like material, weave, and thread count, determine a good sheet’s touch and feel, it’s a given that the feel of your sheets is an inextricable part of making you comfy and relaxed to get a good night’s sleep. 

Let’s look into various characteristics differentiating cotton and Tencel to see what’s best for you and your sleep to keep you at ease and comfortable all night long!


Tencel Sheets

Cotton Sheets

Temperature & Absorbency

Tencel material is super absorptive and breathable, which makes it so incredibly good for temperature regulation keeping sweat away at night.

Cotton material is moisture-wicking and breathable but these characteristics vary from weave to weave.

Feel & Ease

Tencel material has a very smooth and silky feel to it, they’re wrinkle resistant and wouldn’t keep you warm in a mushy sheet all night long.

Cotton sheets are known to get smoother over time but the levels of smoothness differ from the kind of weave used to make the sheet. Some are crisp, some coarse, and others are silky.


Tencel is very durable and less wrinkly than cotton which makes it easy to care for. It’s long-lasting and doesn’t get thin over time.

Cotton is also very durable and it improves over time, however, it is not as smooth and wrinkle-resistant as Tencel.

Tencel material is eco-loving, breathable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant and everything else you need for a good night’s sleep!

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What is Tencel?

Tencel is a type of cellulose fiber made from wood pulp. It is known for its softness, durability, and breathability.

How is Tencel different from cotton?

Tencel is more absorbent than cotton and has a smoother, softer texture. It is also more durable and resistant to wrinkles than cotton.

Is Tencel eco-friendly?

Tencel is considered a more sustainable alternative to other fabrics because it is made from renewable resources and produced using an eco-friendly process that reduces waste and energy consumption.

What are the benefits of wearing clothing made from Tencel?

Clothing made from Tencel is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for warm weather. It is also hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.

Is Tencel worth the investment?

Tencel clothing can be more expensive than cotton or polyester, but many people find it to be worth the investment because of its superior quality and eco-friendly production process.

Is Tencel suitable for people with allergies?

Yes, Tencel is hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, making it a good choice for people with allergies or skin sensitivities.