7 Reasons Why Celebrities Choose Heavenluxe Over Luxury Retail Stores Bed Sheets

#WokeUpLikeThis. This hashtag, when used by the most handsome and good-looking celebrities on social media, will either inspire you or make you think just how unfair the world is.

They have not even rolled off their bed yet and already their skin is radiant, their eyes are glowing, and even their hair looks shiny and bouncy. So you wonder: how do these celebrities even sleep? Do they take some sort of a beauty potion as part of their bedtime routine?

Quit researching about their nighttime therapy because the sleeping habits of celebrities are much like everyone else’s, they just seem simply effortless. So what’s their secret? A good tencel bedsheet from Heavenluxe. That’s right!

Studies show that sleeping on good bedding will help you catch a better sleep and a ‘beauty’ sleep can literally and naturally make you more attractive–a fact and a luxury that celebrities know only too well.

All thanks to Heavenluxe! But just because celebrities use these sheets, it does not mean you can’t have them. And don’t worry, you don’t need a celebrity income to afford it.

Keep scrolling to learn why celebrities choose Heavenluxe over other luxury bed sheet brands.


1. Heavenluxe has over 37,000 positive reviews!Couple With Dog

No matter how busy a celebrity is, he or she has to sleep some time. Hard-working celebrities also need some serious shut-eye with a good bedsheet. That’s why they turn to Heavenluxe.

A Singaporean singer and “Ah Boys to Men 4” star actress, Apple Chan, shared, “[Heavenluxe] Makes my sleep satisfying. Having sweet dreams everyday cuddling in these sheets.”

Another satisfied Heavenluxe celebrity buyer named, Zhang Yao Dong, rejoiced, “Good night sleep finally..."

But it’s not only the celebrities who were happy about Heavenluxe’s sheets. In fact, many mums, couples, influencers, and families loved this product.

The softest and smoothest sheets I’ve ever slept on,” exclaims one happy customer. “I was raving about it so much that my whole family came into my room to try the sheets and my parents ended up purchasing a set for themselves too!

See why over 37,000 people have switched to Heavenluxe and rated their sets with an overall 4.9 rating. If they trust Heavenluxe for their good night rest, and so can you!

2. It’s 100% Organic and Hypoallergenic.

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Sometimes even if you got your bedtime routine down pat (Imagine you in comfy PJs and your essential oil diffuser is on), you still find yourself waking up halfway through the night with irritated skin.

If you’re suffering from a problematic skin condition, then making a switch to Heavenluxe might be the solution to alleviate your scratches and itches, giving your skin time to heal.

Their beddings are so gentle, they’re perfect for sensitive skin. This is because Heavenluxe’s sheets are made from 100% Austrian Tencel that is known to be hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and ultra-breathable.

Tencel is manufactured from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees and is naturally moisture wicking and odor resistant. The sheets are also thermoregulating which helps the body feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, decreasing the chances of itching due to a hot night’s snooze. Kick those fussy skin woes to the curb with Heavenluxe!

3. Smoother than Silk, Softer than Egyptian Cotton, and Cooler than Bamboo.

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If you’re asking what makes Heavenluxe’s bedding much better than the ones you have in your home, it’s the combination of Heavenluxe’s Luxeweave technology and Austrian Tencel.

Their Luxeweave technology is the weaving magic that produces these comfortable, silky smooth, and ultra-soft Heavenluxe sheets. The thin, single-ply threads are woven into percale weave resulting in a breathable, buttery soft feel that keeps you cool at night.

The weaving of their Austrian Tencel sheet is also 500 times thinner than cotton (therefore much softer, silkier) while being 20x more absorbent to sip the sweat from your body (moisture-wicking)–thus, making Heavenluxe skin-friendly!

Even Softer, More Comfortable Than The 1700 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets I Got From Takashimaya”- Mei Xin to Heavenluxe

4. Our sheets are Oeko-Tex Certified.

oeko-tex certification

Your best nights are just ahead of you when you realize that your beddings are not only gentle on your skin but also to the environment.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an international chemical testing and certification system for textiles and customers will be happy to know that Heavenluxe’s products passed the Product Class II test, which examine materials that are delicate to your skin like your underwear.

All Heavenluxe’s products are Oeko-Tex accredited –meaning they are free from toxic chemicals and are completely safe to you, your child, the environment, and even to a man’s best friend. This is simply one of the best ways to communicate to Heavenluxe’s consumers who prefer eco-friendly and safe products.


5. Heaven Luxe is More Affordable than other Retail Store Bed Sheets.


Many customers are not aware that all those overly enthusiastic sales staff and lavish store decors are overhead costs of salary, rental, and utilities that goes into the retail markup prices which eventually ends up with their buyers. Heavenluxe managed to reduce these overheads costs through their direct to customer model–offering the sheet set exclusively online without the markup prices.

Another thing that you should know about bed sheet prices is the myth about thread counts. Thread count was initially coined to convey the luxury and comfiness of a set of sheets but just like any other bedsheets in the market, it has since been manipulated as a marketing lingo to deceive buyers.

Many brands often steer the thread count number by counting in the number of ply utilized rather than counting the actual thread. Meaning your 1000 thread count bedding is actually only 200 thread counts.

By selling directly online, Heavenluxe products are less expensive that retail stores charges by cutting out unnecessary costs and middleman.

6. Easy to Care and Clean

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Properly caring for bedding is essential for protecting their feel and color while extending their lifespan. The Heavenluxe sheets are machine-washable and are designed to become even softer with every wash.

They only need to be washed in cold water with similar colors. They can be tumbled dry on low but must be promptly removed from the dryer to prevent the cloth from wrinkling. To get rid of the wrinkles, the sheets can be ironed on low heat when needed.

The brand also recommends washing the bedding more often in summer to preserve the white color of the sheets and prevent the buildup of sweat. Of course, bleaching and softener should not be used as this can cause yellowing of the bedsheet over time.

7. 30 days Risk-Free Purchase

Besides quality features and guaranteed satisfactory from customers, Heavenluxe also comes with a 30-day return policy and are available for purchase worldwide. You can feel comfortable and safe with your order. Even better? It comes with free 2 days delivery in Singapore.

Final Thoughts

Having a good night’s sleep may no longer be new to you. But it’s worth another look if only to remind and motivate you even more. So the next time you hit the sack and catch your beauty sleep, you know that you can wake up like a celebrity, feeling just as effortlessly beautiful through Heavenluxe.

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