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Enjoy luxurious sleep with Heavenluxe’s cooling, silky, and soft TENCEL™ Lyocell flat sheets. A highly durable and sustainable alternative to cotton, Heaveluxe's flat sheets can withstand the test of time to bring you the best sleeping experience.

Sheet Set Includes:
1 x Premium Flat Sheet
2 x Premium Pillowcases
1 x Gift-Friendly Packaging Box

There's something special about TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets. They're incredibly soft, smooth, and silky, making them a joy to sleep on. But what really sets them apart is their environmental friendliness.

TENCEL™ Lyocell is made from wood pulp, which is a sustainable and renewable resource. The manufacturing process is also much cleaner and more efficient than traditional methods, using far less water and energy.

So not only are TENCEL™ Lyocell bed sheets incredibly comfortable, they're also good for the planet. That's why more and more people are choosing them over other types of sheets. Give them a try – you won't be disappointed!

What are flat bed sheets?

Flat bed sheets are one of the most common types of bed sheets in the market, and for good reason. They're easy to use, they're comfortable, and they're affordable.

But what exactly are flat bed sheets? Flat bed sheets are simply sheets that lay completely flat, as opposed to fitted sheets. And because they're not fitted, they're easy to fold and store away.

If you're looking for a new set of sheets, flat bed sheets are a great option. So why not give them a try?

Flat vs. fitted bed sheets

There are many styles of bed sheets out there, as well as varying fits. Some get confused between fitted and flat sheets. Here is a quick and simple comparison to help you decide which is right for you.

  • Fitted bed sheets:
    • Elasticated corners ensure snug and secure fit
    • Hug corners of the mattress so that the sheets do not slip off during slumber
  • Flat bed sheets:
    • Folds easily and neatly for easy storage
    • Can be used as an additional protective layer for the primary bedding (e.g. Fitted sheets)

How is TENCEL™ Lyocell good for hot sleepers?

Even a cool room can be uncomfortable when lying in a heat-trapping bed. Choose bedding designed for hot sleepers to maintain the right temperature in your bed.

TENCEL™ Lyocell is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, making it ideal for hot sleepers. They are also hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive skin, compared to bed sheets made from polyester or resin-treated cotton.

Heavenluxe Bed Sheet Set Material: 

  • Made of 100% Austrian Tencel that is even more comfortable than 1700 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.
  • Silky soft comfort tencel sheets for the most relaxing sleep and relieves stress.
  • Cooling touch and ultra-breathable that keeps your body cool during hot weather.
  • Anti-Aging, Ultra Gentle even on sensitive baby skin.
  • 100% Organic, Hypoallergenic & Eco-Friendly. 
  • Designed in Singapore.

How do you care for your TENCEL™ Lyocell Bedsheets?

Washing Instruction: 

Due to their heat sensitivity, TENCEL™ Lyocell bedsheets may be damaged if washed in hot water, tumble dried, or ironed. So keep your TENCEL™ Lyocell sheets looking fresh by using these washing techniques:

  • Wash on gentle cycle and in cold water (Hand wash is fine too).
  • Our recommended washing machine setting is RPM 600 and lower.
  • Do not soak or wash it for too long, as it may weaken the fibre and may causes pilling.
  • Avoid bleach and use a mild detergent to avoid damage
  • Wash separately from other laundry to avoid them getting hooked on to zippers or latches, which can cause pilling.
  • There is no need for fabric softener because our TENCEL™ Lyocell bedsheets are already incredibly soft!
  • Dry naturally indoor without sunlight in order to preserve the fibers and color. Only use a dryer if necessary - be sure to choose the low heat and low tumble option.
  • To decrease chances of wrinkles, immediately take the sheets out after the wash/drying cycle. 
Size Fitted Sheets Dimensions Duvet / Quilt Cover Pillowcase  Bolstercase
Single 90 x 200 x 38cm
(35” x 79” x 15")
140 x 210cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm
Super Single 107 x 200 x 38cm
(42” x 79” x 15")
140 x 210cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm
Queen 152 x 200 x 40cm
(60” x 79” x 15")
210 x 210cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm
King 183 x 200 x 40cm
(72” x 79” x 15")
245 x 210cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm
Super King 200 x 200 x 40cm
(79” x 79” x 15")
260 x 230cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm
California King 183 x 214 x 40cm
(72” x 84” x 15")
270 x 240cm 51 x 76cm 37 x 108cm


 Size Flat Sheets Dimensions
Double 230 x 254cm (90" x 100")
Queen 255 x 265cm (100" x 104")
King 285 x 275cm (112" x 108")


Towel Size  Dimensions
Bath  140 x 70cm (55" x 27")
Hand 34 x 75cm (13" x 29")

Why Heavenluxe?

See why more than 37,000 customers upgraded their current sheets to Heavenluxe and gain better sleep with us every night.



We stand by our sustainable luxe fabric hand-crafted from the highest grade eucalyptus.

> 7X softer than Egyptian Cotton

3x more breathable than Silk

> Oeko© Tex Certified

Made in europe. Beyond 1700 thread count.