We believe sleep is the superpower that charges success and big dreams. That's why we created the ultimate relaxing experience for everyone from the comfort of their bed.

"From 9-5 working stress to helping people sleep better"

Home is everything to me.

Before starting the company, I was stressed out working hard 9-5 everyday in Singapore so that I can feed my family of 5. This anxiety made me have sleepless nights regularly and I always wake up feeling tired. One day, my friend gifted me a set of Austrian Tencel sheets from a very high end bedding store.. 

It changed my sleep forever.

I never had such great relaxation on my bed despite trying various kind of luxury sheets (Egyptian cotton, Balmain, bamboo... You name it). The next day, I woke up feeling rested and calm. My Insomnia was literally GONE! I was shocked later to find out the price tag of these sheets - $700 bucks!

A life mission to fight society stress.

I realized that society stress was a real problem and premium Austrian Tencel sheets should be made affordable to everyone – and saw a true business opportunity. After 7 months of experimenting, we finally created the softest Austrian Tencel sheets that were even more comfortable than the $700 sheets my friend gifted to me. I launched Heavenluxe in 2018 as an online-only, direct-to-consumer brand focused on creating impeccable bedding for relaxation. 

It has become my mission ever since to not only offer the most comfortable sheets in the world, but to also inspire a community around sleep and empower people to pursue their dreams.

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Cheers to the best sleep ever!

Xenon Tan,