Our Story


"I slept on cotton sheets all my life. Till I fell in love with Tencel"

I've work 9-5 all my life, and spent a lot of money on some of the best cotton sheets wanting to enjoy good sleep after a long day at work - I'm a huge fan of comfort and sweet dreams.

One day, my friend got me a set of tencel bed sheets from a high end Europe retail store that cost 700 bucks as a gift! It felt so magical and comfortable compared to the Egyptian cotton sheets I had.

When shopping for tencel sheets later on, I could not find any that were as comfortable as the one I had. To my shock, there were a lot of knock-offs in retail stores with marketing manipulation to charge expensive prices for high thread count. It was such a sheety experience!

Feeling frustrated, I embarked on a journey wanting to create tencel bed sheets that were even MORE comfortable than the one I had from Europe. After months and months of experimenting, we finally engineered the most comfortable sheets made from Austrian Tencel using our Luxeweave Technology. 

It has become my mission ever since to not only offer the best sheets in the world, but to also inspire a community around sleep and empower people to pursue their dreams.

Cheers to the best sleep ever!

Xenon Tan, Founder