The Truth about your Bed Sheets Thread Count

It’s time of the year to upgrade your bedroom again. So, you look at your bed and think to yourself, what’s a better way to improve your sleep experience other than getting a better set of bed sheet?

So, you head over to the nearest departmental store in the mall and you’ll find yourself surrounded by different brands of bed sheets. Now that you’re spoilt for choice, you’ve heard of “thread counts,” but what exactly does it mean? Is the higher the thread count the better?

Heavenluxe Tencel Bed sheets

So what exactly is Thread count?

Thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. So, 200 vertical threads woven with 200 horizontal threads produce a count of 400. Normally the higher the thread count, the finer the threads and softer the bed sheet, right? Definitely not and you should be wary of brands that make these claims. Beyond a thread count of 400, the quality of the fabric doesn’t improve, usually the only thing that increases is the price.

So how do brands that have 1200 thread counts and claim they can fit in so much thread into a single inch? The answer is... they can’t.  

Ridiculously high thread counts

Many brands use creative maths to increase their perceived thread count by counting the number of ply that make up each thread. So a 900 thread count is actually only a 300 three ply bed sheet.

So why Heavenluxe Tencel Bed sheets?

After going through 7 months of trial and error. We finally came up with the perfect material using our Luxe Tencel technology which makes our Tencel bed sheet soft and luxurious. It is not only cool to touch and hypoallergenic. We’re so confident that it’ll be better than your 1200+ thread count overpriced bed sheets. . 

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