Sleep Essential Bundle

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Sleep Essential Bundle
$69 $118 (41%off)
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Ready for luxurious sleeping? Our lavender sleep spray is made with pure lavender essential oil that gets your body and mind prepped for deep sleep.  Lavender’s therapeutic value is well known and deserved, so bring some unadulterated bliss to your bedroom with our sleep spray.

Our luxury sleep eye masks are a night time (or nap time) treat. Each eye mask (including the filling) is made of 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, which means it’s cooling and comfortable. Our sleep mask’s gentle softness will lull you to sleep in no time.


Get 'em both, the Sleep Essentials, to enjoy sensational sleep wherever, whenever!

Why Heavenluxe?

See why more than 37,000 customers upgraded their current sheets to Heavenluxe and gain better sleep with us every night.

Sleep Mist

Lavender Scent

Ready for some sensational sleep?

Give this bottle 1-2 sprays on your pillow. It's a natural aromatic scent can gently ease you to sleep, and it's safe to use on Heavenluxe bedsheets & pillowcases.

Just spray it on your pillowcase or bedspread, and let the scent take you away to dream land.