How are Heavenluxe's sheets made?

The importance of sleep have become more important as people realized how it can positively impact their lives. Having a good night sleep is all it matters at the end of the day as well as the type of sheets we choose to spend one-third of our lives on.

There are many ways to improve your sleep but having the right bed sheets definitely elevates the whole sleeping experience. If you’re looking for sheets that are very comfortable, soft yet durable and has low environmental impact, Heavenluxe’s Sheets is for you.

Our sheets are made from cellulose in wood pulp that are harvested from farmed trees without cutting down any forests. We’re able to harvest more sheets per/acre as the trees grow vertically rather than cotton plants which take up huge amount of space. Meaning lesser land and water is needed.

The fiber is produced using an advanced award winning “closed loop” spinning technology which transforms wood pulp into fibers with low environmental impact as it recycles 99% of solvent and water used.

In summary wood is broken down to fibers/linen and then woven to yarn.

Heavenluxe’s tencel sheets are wrinkle free, highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and better for earth. Get yours today!