Why is bathing or showering better with our towel set?

It’s no lie that a relaxing bath or shower can elevate your mood by making you feel fresher and happier. However, what’s even more important is feeling rejuvenated and comfortable from wrapping yourself around with a soft and warm towel after getting out of shower!

For many of us, showering is a very personal experience and Heavenluxe would love to provide you with a perfect towel pick for your post-shower experience. We do this by making extra durable, soft, and absorbent towels possible. At Heavenluxe, 100% bamboo fiber is spun into soft towels independent of any harmful substances and chemicals, making it perfect for a gentle and warm touch on your skin that you absolutely deserve. 

Pamper yourself today with Heavenluxe’s 3-piece towel set that comes with a mix of hand and bath towels that will dry you off quickly, whilst being super thick, plush, and gentle!

What makes our towels different from regular cotton towels 

To pamper you better, we curated the softest towels made with 100% natural bamboo. Weaved into these towels are exceptional absorbency power, durability, and sheer comfort!

Why is our bamboo towel different (and better) than a cotton towel? The magic lies within incredible wicking, antimicrobial, and sustainable characteristics. Heavenluxe’s 3-piece towel set is also beautifully woven and resists pilling, shrinkage, and any kind of unwanted odor.

It’s well known that bamboo towels are super absorbent and breathable but do you know what tops it all off? They are eco-friendly as bamboo grows rapidly and are sustainable. This means you feel the best sensation on your body without hurting our mother nature. If you haven’t experienced the touch of an ultra-soft towel yet, you are in for a treat with Heavenluxe’s towel set!