Is covering pillows a good idea? 

Pillowcases are essentially protectors for your pillows. By using a good pillowcase, you can prevent dust mites, bedbugs, and other allergens from getting into your pillow. It’s also a great hygiene practice to wash your pillowcase regularly.

How should you choose your pillowcase? 

The following are two things to keep in mind when shopping for your next pillowcases.

  • Fabric 
  • When choosing new pillowcases, consider their fabric and material. If you’re someone who likes to feel cool when you sleep, or have skin allergies, TENCEL™ Lyocell pillowcases are a great option. It happens to have the best of both worlds - ultra cooling and keeps your hair and skin smoother than cotton. 

  • Size
  • Understanding the size of your pillows is important to ensure a snug fit! Heavenluxe pillowcases measure 51 by 76cm in dimension and can fit most standard pillows. This is recommended for most kinds and sizes of mattresses.

    Why do pillowcases matter?

    Using a pillowcase can prevent a buildup of germs, dirt, and dead skin on your pillow. You can easily remove and wash pillow covers, keeping them fresh, fluffy, and clean.

    Pillowcases also act as protectors for your pillows, slowing down their wear and tear and keeping moisture and stains at bay. Arming your favorite pillow with a pillowcase can help it last for many years.